New years release

  • Added new "Setup auto-extraction" button for factories to establish a basic Metals economy, intended for new players in particular. Hold the SHIFT key to create a more defensive extraction pattern.
  • Made the Area extract command for factories sticky, so it will remain even after other commands have been issued. Use the button above to remove the extract commands, or press STOP (twice).
  • Improved extraction strategy for construction mechs, with less attempts to extract unreachable resources (e.g. underwater)
  • Fixed air transports loading/unloading process
  • Prevent aircraft from landing on top of each other
  • Improved behavior of hovering aircraft
  • Resolved issue with pop-up cannons firing underground
  • Fixed some mechs occasionally getting stuck in factories
  • Increased bandwidth to speed up the map texture loading
  • Improved sound quality for some in-game music


Total Warfare (2022-01-10) 5 MB
Jan 12, 2022

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